Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning with a Breath of Fresh Air

Spring is finally here – and with spring comes spring cleaning. Now is a great time to consider adding additional deep cleaning services to your normal commercial cleaning routine. After the bitter winter, everyone could use a breath of fresh air. At Buckingham Commercial Cleaning, we offer a wide variety of services to meet your […]

Winter Salt & Spring Mud: Keeping Floors Clean in the Transitioning Season

Protecting your flooring from the harsh conditions of winter and spring can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Office flooring is vulnerable to costly damage without cleaning and regular maintenance. The key to keeping floors looking great longer is consistent cleaning and care, as well as preventative strategies. Professional cleaning services like Buckingham Commercial Cleaning […]

New Year, Fresh Office

Creating a Safe, Clean Space to Kick-Off 2022 The holidays are officially over, and the workforce is heading back to their desks. As we enter another year of an ongoing pandemic, January is the perfect time get your workspace deep cleaned, tidied, and disinfected for the safety, comfort, and health of your workforce. Below is […]

Debuting Your Construction Project

You have invested time, money, and effort into your construction project. Our work provides the finishing touch to your construction project to inspire a sense of pride. After all, grand openings and renovation reveals are milestone moments, and you want the final presentation to be spotless and beautiful. Dirt and debris are inevitable during any […]

Cleaning vs. Disinfecting

Prior to the pandemic, janitorial services were primarily responsible for cleaning, rather than cleaning and disinfecting. Now, there is a much greater focus on both. What’s the difference? In short, cleaning = removing germs, while disinfecting = killing germs. One keeps germs alive, just at a lesser amount, as opposed to destroying them completely.

Selecting the Right Janitorial Service

Having a quality janitorial team is important to maintaining the health and safety of your space for workers, tennants, customers, and more. Now that pandemic safety precautions are lifting and people are beginning to return to workspaces, it’s more important than ever to evaluate the strength and depth of your custodial team. Below are a few tips to consider when trying to select the ideal janitorial services for your space.