How to Keep Allergens and Pollen Out of the Workplace

If there is one downside to spring it is the increase in allergens and pollen. Around the workplace, allergens can be a problem for employees that suffer from seasonal allergies. Workspaces and common areas are more prone to allergens than most, with high traffic areas such as doorways making it easy for allergens and pollen to make their way in. While it seems like seasonal allergies are unavoidable, there is some easy changes that can be made when it comes to office cleaning to greatly improve the air quality and reduce allergy symptoms.


Dust is a common culprit in agitating allergy symptoms. Uncommonly used or out-of-reach surfaces often collect dust, allergens, and pollen over time. Dusting all areas, and uncommonly used surfaces can quickly and easily improve air quality. Even if dust is out of sight, lingering dust anywhere can easily mix into the air from a fan, vent, open window or door.

Buckingham Commercial Cleaning offers a variety of dusting services from commonly used services to rarely touched items including blinds, windows, and other elevated surfaces.

Carpet and Floor Cleaning

Carpeting and other flooring can hold on to dust and allergens more than any other surface. The best way to prevent dust build-up is regular cleaning. For carpet, shampooing is recommended outside of vacuuming to collect all traces of dust and allergens. Not to mention that regular floor cleaning also helps prevent stains and extend the life of your flooring overall.

Floor cleaning is one of our specialties at Buckingham Commercial Cleaning. We clean a variety of floor types from carpet, marble, tile, vinyl composite tile and more. Schedule routine or deep cleaning services with us to keep up with the allergy season.

Daily Maintenance

Above everything else, routine cleaning is the best way to prevent dust and allergens from sticking around. Employees can be encouraged to keep their spaces clean on a daily basis or rely on a commercial cleaning crew to keep your space tidy and clean.

Dusting and disinfecting of high touch surfaces and cleaning high traffic flooring is the best approach to reduce allergens overall. When your work or commercial space is clean and free from dust, everyone will notice the difference. Workers with allergies will not have to worry about exposed risk to allergens and dealing with sneezing and coughing in the office. Keep up on your cleaning this spring and breathe the difference.

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