Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning with a Breath of Fresh Air

Spring is finally here – and with spring comes spring cleaning. Now is a great time to consider adding additional deep cleaning services to your normal commercial cleaning routine. After the bitter winter, everyone could use a breath of fresh air. At Buckingham Commercial Cleaning, we offer a wide variety of services to meet your spring cleaning needs.


Dust collects on all uncommonly used surfaces. After a while, dust can build up leading to poor air quality and contributing to seasonal allergies. Outside of wiping commonly used surfaces, BCC also offers elevated surface dusting to clean areas normally out of reach. Our cleaners are expertly trained to meticulously dust all surfaces including blinds, copiers and printers, light fixtures and more.

Windows and Floors

With winter comes a lot of salt, and high traffic areas of flooring are often left looking dirty and dull. Now is a great time to consider giving your floors some extra care to extend their life and keep them looking new. Our services include cleaning and deep cleaning floors from carpet and linoleum to tile and granite.

High Touch Surface Sanitation

While sanitation and disinfecting have remained important throughout the pandemic, in the spring it provides an added benefit. Not only does disinfecting keep allergens and pollen at bay, but also further prevents the spread of illnesses as more people will be out and about during periods of warm weather.

Special Services

Spring is a common time for businesses to begin renovations or construction projects. No matter when your project finishes up, we help you achieve a beautiful debut. We offer post-construction care to get rid of every sign of dust, debris, adhesives and other construction waste. Pressure washing is also offered, which leaves the space sparkling.

Spring cleaning is beneficial to every business and creates a healthier and happier space for your team. No matter the level of cleaning you need this spring, let us do the dirty work so you can rest easy in a fresh and clean office.

Call us to find out more ways we can elevate your spring cleaning.