Offices Reopening

Offices Reopening – Are You Ready?

Prior to COVID-19, janitorial services were largely considered an afterthought to most businesses. Now that New York State has re-opened, commercial janitorial services are playing a vital role in keeping facilities safe for staff, customers, and visitors.

Cleanliness Now Equates to Safety
Having a reputable commercial cleaner as your partner is a great way to keep your offices looking great, but also healthier and safer. Partnering with a janitorial service can instill a sense of confidence in your employees returning to the office. Without proper cleaning, your office starts to accumulate dirt and other contaminants that may affect employee health and wellness.

When to Clean and When to Disinfect
There are differences between cleaning and disinfecting, and it’s important you partner with a janitorial team that understands when each is applicable. According to the CDC, if the people in your space are healthy and are not confirmed/suspected to have COVID-19, then cleaning once a day is usually enough to sufficiently remove potential viruses that may be building on surfaces. However, you may want to clean more frequently or partake in disinfecting after cleaning in shared, high traffic space or if there is a greater risk of infection. Higher risk times are often associated with high community transmission of COVID-19, low vaccination rates, and infrequent use of prevention methods (not washing hands frequently, not wearing masks, not sanitizing).

Keep a Good Thing Going
Perhaps you had a deep-clean of your office during the pandemic – or put other health and safety measures in place. As offices open back up, it’s the perfect time to partner with a commercial janitorial service to maintain that level of health and safety going forward. Don’t stop with best-practice janitorial services just because things are “back to normal” – instead use this as a time to revamp your cleanliness standards and establish new cleaning protocols that keeps your space, and everyone in it, healthy and protected.

At the end of the day, it’s important that you find the right janitorial services partner for your organization, as it will provide you and your company and employees with peace of mind. We invite you to reach out to the talented cleaning team at BCC to discuss your unique cleaning needs as your commercial spaces begin to reopen.