Covid-19 Germs Article by Buckingham Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, NY

Top Ten Places Germs Like to Hide in the Workplace

Healthy employees mean a healthy productive business. Below are the top ten areas germs hide and advice on how to tackle them.

Desktop Phones

Your work phone averages about 1,600 particles of bacteria per square inch. This makes your phone fifteen times more germ-filled than your office toilet seat. Remember to wipe down your desktop phone with disinfectant wipes after every shift.


Many employees tend to work and eat their lunch at the same time without realizing they are touching their keyboard with the same hands they are eating with. It’s important to clean your keyboard multiple times a week to clear it of the debris and dust that accumulates throughout the day. To clean your keyboard effectively, unplug it, spray it with a duster, and wipe it with disinfectant before plugging it back in.

Printers and Fax Machines

The printer and fax machine are high-traffic areas in any workplace. With multiple people using these machines each day, it’s important to take precautions to minimize the number of bacteria they can collect. Place hand sanitizer and multipurpose wipes next to each machine to minimize the bacteria that could be spread between cleanings.

Conference Rooms

Conference rooms accommodate small and large numbers of people at once which increases the number of germs. Make sure to clean conference rooms after every use to prevent the spread of germs.

Coffee Machines

The average person drinks one to two cups of coffee each day, especially at work. Multiple people are touching the machine throughout the day and handling other liquids such as milk or creamer. It is important to clean the machine and wipe down condiment containers daily.

Door Handles

Door handles are the most commonly touched surface in an office. Every person entering a room touches a door handle making it the dirtiest area in the office. Buckingham Commercial Cleaning cleans door handles regularly throughout the day to minimize the spread of bacteria.

Stairways and Hallways

Anyone who enters your office must utilize the same hallways and stairways. With so much foot traffic, it can become difficult to determine who may be carrying harmful germs and bacteria. When you’re looking for a cleaning service, keep in mind that Buckingham Commercial Cleaning will work with you to create a cleaning checklist that will target high-traffic areas.


People often adjust blinds and windows throughout the day based on the temperature and sun glare. Over time, millions of germs will accumulate on the blinds and windowsills making it the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. When you hire Buckingham Commercial Cleaning, you can be sure that our certified cleaners will tackle those hard-to-reach spots.

Shared Spaces

It’s important to clean shared spaces throughout the day, especially if people are constantly using them. With the cold months creeping in, prioritize cleaning shared spaces to minimize the risk of spreading harmful viruses. Properly cleaning and disinfecting these areas each day will ensure you are prioritizing your employee’s health and safety at work.

Personal Areas

Employees tend to neglect their workspace because they assume it’s clean since they are the only ones working in that space. Encourage your employees to clean their areas regularly to keep their area germ-free.

It’s hard to tell if your office is always bacteria-free but there are effective ways to kill the germs before they can get out of control. Buckingham Commercial Cleaning prioritizes our client’s health and safety during every cleaning. Call us today at (585) 491-5976 to set up your next cleaning and make your office a safe space during the holiday season.