New Year, Fresh Office

Creating a Safe, Clean Space to Kick-Off 2022

The holidays are officially over, and the workforce is heading back to their desks. As we enter another year of an ongoing pandemic, January is the perfect time get your workspace deep cleaned, tidied, and disinfected for the safety, comfort, and health of your workforce.

Below is our cleaning checklist to help business owners enter 2022 with a “fresh start.”

1. High-Touch Surfaces

Doorknobs, office phones, keyboards and printers are just a few examples of office surfaces that your workforce handles daily. Over time, harmful bacteria and viruses can accumulate on these items as they’re used between hand washings or shared by multiple employees – increasing the risk of transmission and threatening the health of your workforce.

Buckingham Commercial Cleaning (BCC) does an in-depth assessment of every workspace to determine what surfaces in the office pose the highest risk to staff health. From there, we create thorough, consistent disinfecting plans to ensure that these surfaces remain as safe as possible for repeated use.

2. Flooring

Office flooring – especially carpeting- is vulnerable to expensive wear and tear if not cleaned regularly. Neglecting these surfaces for prolonged periods of time can lead to paying upwards of $1,200 for a full cleaning once or twice a year, when regular maintenance of “problem areas” is all that is needed to keep it looking clean and fresh.

Engaging a professional cleaning partner like BCC can significantly extend the lifetime of your flooring and save you $100s in maintenance costs in the long run. Our team conducts monthly assessments of your flooring and proactively addresses certain “high traffic” spots at the first signs of dirt, salt, and matted carpet fibers before permanent damage is done.

3. Shared Spaces

Like high-touch services, shared spaces in general pose a risk to your employees – especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. These spaces can include office restrooms, breakrooms, conference rooms, recreational areas, and more depending on the unique features of your workplace. Regular janitorial cleaning on a weekly or nightly basis can make a major difference in maintaining an overall healthy environment for employees.

Additionally, there are several advantages to having professional cleaners do the scrubbing. BCC’s cleaners utilize top-of-the-line equipment and tools, receive thorough OSHA-Compliant Safety Training, and are proficient in the latest Green Cleaning Practices.

Keeping up with a thorough and consistent office cleaning routine can be time consuming and tedious – especially when your time could be better spent working on your business operations and client services. Commercial cleaning partners like BCC take the stress out of cleaning with consistent and meticulous cleaning schedules adjusted to the unique needs of your business. The best part – we price based on square footage, so you can rest assured that your payments will be “right-sized” to your space!

Remember that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce, so don’t leave clean to chance this year!