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Is Your Custodian Cleaning for Health or Appearance?

Health and safety are a top priority in businesses across the U.S., especially in recent years. When looking for a professional cleaning service, it’s important to know what their cleaning standards are. While killing germs should be the top priority, not all cleaning companies take the necessary steps to make your space healthy and safe. Employees can tidy up throughout the day but having a professional cleaning service that is dedicated to sanitizing all areas of your office is imperative to the health of everyone in the office. It is important to know the difference between cleaning and sanitizing when choosing a professional cleaning service for your workspace. 

What is the difference between cleaning and sanitizing?

Cleaning techniques vary between each professional cleaning company. When a person says they’re cleaning regularly, it usually means the physical act of tidying up: putting things away after using them, organizing an area around you, and making a space appear clean. 

Sanitizing cleans on a micro level and actively kills 99.9% of microorganisms like germs and pathogens using chemicals. When a cleaning company sanitizes, they combine disinfecting chemicals with sanitizing chemicals to create the most effective cleaning solution to kill bacteria. To keep a healthy environment, it’s important to choose a cleaning company that prioritizes sanitation. 

It’s important to research a cleaning company before hiring them for a service. Anyone can start up a cleaning company but not everyone can have the credentials to back up their impeccable cleaning methods. Utilize the steps below to make sure you are hiring the right cleaning company for your health and safety at work. 

Check Certifications and Ask About Staff Training

There are several certifications cleaning companies can obtain to ensure they’re practicing the best cleaning tactics. Legitimate cleaning companies will carry several certifications and register their employees for trainings to ensure they are educated on different cleaning processes. If a cleaning company does not train its employees, then that company risks a commitment to consistent and quality cleaning services.  

Request an Audit

The best way to know whether a cleaning company is focused on health is to request an audit. Audits provide accountability to the company that they’re following the highest sanitization standards needed to keep everyone healthy and safe. 

Consider All Costs

Cost plays a huge factor when choosing a professional cleaning service. People are looking for the best use of their budget but a cheap service may not be worth the quality of work. Lower-priced companies are going to clean for appearance and tidiness rather than sanitization. Heading into cold and flu season, make sure you are choosing a professional cleaning company based on the services they offer rather than on the cost. 

Buckingham Commercial Cleaning is dedicated to providing excellent and quality cleaning services to keep the health of you and those that occupy your space in mind.