Planning for a Clean Workspace in 2023

When a new year comes around, people begin to make new year’s resolutions. Many people want to include cleaning in their resolutions but don’t know where to start. While you, your employees, or coworkers can clean on the surface level, it’s also important to hire professional cleaners to deep clean your space. While planning out where and what you want to clean in the new year, develop a plan to make sure your space is clean year-round.

Below is a list of ways to keep your space clean all year:

  • Keep what worked and ditch what didn’t!
  • Designate cleaning days each month, this will help keep you accountable so if you miss a day, you can see how many days it’s been since your last cleaning. It’s easier to reschedule days to clean if something comes up rather than not designating cleaning days and then forgetting about them entirely.
  • Divide your cleaning space up when planning on what to clean and when to clean it. This helps break up the overwhelming feeling when tackling a large space.
  • Clean certain spaces based on seasonal change. If there’s a mess outside your office, plan to clean that when it begins to get warmer out and focus on the interior throughout the winter months.
  • Make a list of cleaning tasks for the office and hang it up where everyone can see it. This can help motivate everyone at the company to chip in and clean areas that haven’t been touched in a while.
  • Declutter your office of materials that aren’t being utilized anymore.
  • Make a list of daily cleaning tasks to avoid messes piling up.
  • Hire professional cleaners like Buckingham Commercial Cleaning to do a deep cleaning of your office and come back for regular services throughout the year.
  • If you have cleaners/cleaning services, ask them what they notice that is normally overlooked by the company. This will help people who are there on a day-to-day basis clean these areas regularly to avoid build-up.
  • Reward people who go out of their way to keep your office looking clean and fresh every day.

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