Professional Cleaning Services by Buckingham Commercial Cleaning in Rochester, NY

Winter Salt & Spring Mud: Keeping Floors Clean in the Transitioning Season

Protecting your flooring from the harsh conditions of winter and spring can be difficult, time consuming and expensive. Office flooring is vulnerable to costly damage without cleaning and regular maintenance.

The key to keeping floors looking great longer is consistent cleaning and care, as well as preventative strategies. Professional cleaning services like Buckingham Commercial Cleaning conduct monthly assessments of the state of your flooring to proactively care for your flooring. Certain areas of your flooring that get more traffic, like near entrances, may need more intense care, however different types of flooring have different needs.


Most commercial carpeting is thin and firm, leaving it highly vulnerable to accelerated long-term damage. In a short amount of time, this carpet can become drab, faded, and stained. BCC utilizes equipment and products that are designed for commercial settings to effectively remove debris and stains. Regular cleaning of carpets is vital to maintain a fresh look and extend its lifespan, saving you money in the long run.


Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) flooring can quickly wear and raise safety concerns if it is neglected. VCT can often lift, raising the risk of accidents. Proper stripping and waxing products are needed to protect flooring and keep the vinyl slip resistant as well as looking good.


Tile and grout are prone to staining and quickly become dull. Without the right care, tile can also become a health concern, growing mold and mildew. BCC uses steaming and high-pressure water extraction equipment to easily remove stains, debris, and any signs of mildew and mold. Tile and grout sealing can be added-on to further shield tile and keep floors shiny.


Marble flooring is stunning and adds a professional look to businesses. However, marble floor can often lose its appeal without care. Various types of marble flooring are susceptible to stains and scratches. Using the incorrect products or technique in cleaning marble floors can cause irreversible damage. Buckingham Commercial Cleaning is equipped with all the right products to ensure that marble flooring receives special care in polishing, restoring, and protecting.

Most people don’t take action to clean their flooring until there is visible wear and tear.  Extend the life of your floors with consistent and proactive cleaning services. To learn more about Buckingham Commercial Cleaning’s Floor Care Services, call (585) 491-5976. Or visit our Floor Care page here.