Why Janitorial Costs Have Been on the Rise

The pandemic has presented many new challenges and vital considerations for business owners. Cleaning services have become a key component in keeping work spaces clean and safe. As cleaning companies make changes to accommodate an increase in demand, here is why you may see the cost of services increase in the upcoming year.

An Ever-Changing Business Landscape

The New York job market is constantly evolving, and numerous changes have been implemented in the last 18 months as a result. In January 2022, minimum wage is expected to rise from $12.50 an hour to $13.20 an hour. In general, wages in the current job market have also seen a steep increase coinciding with a decrease in ability to staff service positions with employees that have experience in the cleaning industry. The pandemic has also caused an abrupt increase in expenses for employers due to the State Unemployment Tax Act (SUTA), an unemployment tax placed on employers. Additional state mandates surrounding the pandemic have affected family leave, sick pay, and other operations internally in work spaces. 

These changes impact our day-to-day routines as we consistently make changes to ensure best practices are in place for our team and your workplace.  

Cleanliness Now Equates to Safety

The pandemic has changed the definition of clean. Prior to COVID-19, our services always involved cleaning, but not the level of disinfecting that we practice today. With disinfecting a priority now more than ever, our cleaners take additional time and resources to make sure work spaces are properly sanitized to aid in preventing the spread of COVID-19. For perspective, disinfectants can take 1-10 minutes to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses properly.

However, cleaning with the comfort of a trusted partner like Buckingham Commercial Cleaning can help decrease risks of illness transmission in your workplace. It is critical to consider the strength and depth of your custodial team and to find a vendor with experience in disinfecting and cleaning as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times.

Let us keep your workplace healthy, safe, and clean in 2022!