What are high-touch surfaces and how should I clean them?

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, we have become more aware of everything we touch. The phrase “high-touch surfaces” became a household term for surfaces that are frequently in contact with multiple people throughout the day. Cleaning these areas often, especially during the colder months when illnesses are more prevalent, is essential.

The following high-touch surfaces need regular and frequent cleaning.

Bathroom and Kitchen

Bathrooms and Kitchens are breeding grounds for harmful germs. Cleaning the sink handles and countertops with disinfecting wipes throughout the day will minimize the spread of bacteria.

When washing your hands, it’s best to turn the sink off using a soapy paper towel. This will wash off any bacteria left on the handle and help you avoid touching it together.

Doorknobs, Handles, Handrails, Elevator Buttons, Light Switches, Handles, and Other Appliances

These items in public places are commonly touched by multiple people throughout the day. With everyone touching the same surfaces, bacteria and germs begin to build up because a lot of facilities do not clean them throughout the day.

In public spaces, use these tricks to avoid contact:

  • Use an object like a key to press any buttons.
  • Use a paper towel or tissue to interact with these items and throw them out afterward.
  • Use your elbow to open doors.
  • Use your sleeve from your top to open a door, turn on a light, use a railing, or press a button.
  • Carry around a travel size of disinfecting wipes if you can’t avoid touching something so you can wipe it down beforehand.


The most used electronic device is usually people’s smartphones. Since these items are used so frequently, they’re often forgotten when it comes to cleaning. These are important to clean because they’re taken everywhere with you and touch multiple surfaces a day.

Electronics are tough to clean but using a disinfecting wipe is the safest way to rid them of germs.

If You Need Help Cleaning

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